The Millennium Tower

Erected on the Croix-Scaille plateau, the Millennium Tower, a spectacular hourglass-shaped 60-metre-high belvedere, marks the highest point in the province of Namur and the fifth highest in Belgium (503 m).
Inspired by history (four towers have existed on this summit at various times), this achievement allows you to discover, free of charge, a fabulous landscape over a distance of more than 30 km with the help of an orientation table and a long view.

The stairs allow access to three observation platforms located respectively at 15, 30 and 45 meters.

The site is open all year round except during hunting periods on this territory, in case of bad weather or if the access road is reserved for cross-country skiing.

At the foot of the Tower, the Croix-Scaille tourist reception chalet offers maps, tourist information, ice creams, refreshments and games for children during the season.

The site of the Millenium Tower is also the starting point or transit point for many signposted walks. Don’t miss also not far from there the walk on gratings in the nature reserve of the Fange de l’Abîme where there is a flora particularly associated with peaty and acidic grounds. Elfe, a network of discoveries, will also delight children and adults eager for adventure!

The construction of this observation tower is the result of a cross-border project, carried out between March and September 2001. It was designed by the Liège architect Daniel Dethier and implemented by the company Claude Macors of Hamois-en-Condroz.

This structure combined wood and steel and highlighted the qualities of Walloon wood and, more specifically, the Douglas fir trees of the commune of Gedinne. The six trees with a circumference of three metres and a height of 45 metres had been felled in half a day.

The building resembled an hourglass with the six 32-metre high Douglas fir trees. A 47.6-metre steel structure with two spiral staircases was connected to the building by three steel footbridges.

The tower had been assembled horizontally and straightened in a spectacular eight-hour lifting operation on August 28, 2001.

On July 7, 2008, the Millennium Tower was dismantled. Because the wood was rotten, access was initially denied before the extent of the damage was realized.

On 5 July 2012, the Millennium Tower will be rebuilt with metal profiles and will be accessible again.

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Photo credit: © Yvan Colsoulle