The Tomb of the Giant

The Tomb of the Giant

The « Tomb of the Giant » is classified as « exceptional heritage of Wallonia » and « natural heritage of landscape interest ».

 It is undoubtedly one of the best known in Belgium with this superb loop of a wild Semois.

When Geology joins History.

The Semois, by digging its bed over the centuries, has traced a series of meanders, encircling rocky hills that may or may not have been colonised by man.
These sites are conducive to legends.

It is also a site along a path once used by the Germans. It was still used in 1914 and 1940 by Prussian and German troops. These Germans left their name to the ford of Germowez and the nearby forest.

The Poetry of the place.

The Tomb of the Giant is a beautiful place in Bouillon. From the viewpoint of Botassart, you will have an impressive view of nature. One of the most impressive panoramas in the Ardennes.  

The view is fabulous on this peninsula of magnificent savagery and moving grandeur. The restoration of the meadow will make the scenery less austere and give the valley back its energy and authenticity.

Victor Hugo himself was a great admirer of this corner of the Semois, considered one of the most beautiful.

From Legend…

The bubbling poet Marcel Leroy made the siege of a legend where a giant trevor, defeated by Caesar’s army at the Battle of the Sambre, refused to be captured by Labiénus’ horsemen launched in pursuit, and preferred to throw himself from the top of the « Rocher des Gattes » rather than go and die in the arena of the Colosseum. The inhabitants of the place will carry his body to give him, on the nearby mountain, the burial reserved for his dignity.

… To esotericism.

Another author, Louis Charpentier, gives, in his book « Le mystère des origines », an esoteric meaning to the Tomb of the Giant of which he makes the point of convergence of the straight lines uniting « isorés » places (which refer to giants), and, disturbingly, the triangle whose base connects Istres (Marseille) to the sunken city of Ys (Quimper), has its two sides equidistant 700 km and its summit is the Tomb of the Giant.



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